Friday, February 20, 2015

Needs to be said

Actually, it needs to be shouted from the rooftops, but this will have to do.

This is a chevron

This is NOT a chevron

Neither is this,*

or this,*
or this.*
Nice try, so close...but still
NOT a chevron.*
These are *ZIG ZAG* patterns.


These ARE chevrons -
Heck, even this configuration is closer to actually being a true chevron than a ziz zag.
Want to know how you can discern the difference quickly?  Does your material design or quilt block layout look like this? (notice the Private, Corporal, and Sergeant bars)


I don't care what some quilt pattern 'creator' huckster boob calls their design, and I do not give a tinker's doggone for the naming convention of a fabric company.  A zig zag is a never-ending series of lines - think Charlie Brown's sweater.  True chevrons are PAIRS of lines, forming a 'v', whether inverted or 'right way up'.

There, I almost feel better, but not happy knowing there will still be SO MANY people calling a zig zag patchwork quilt a "chevron-something-or-other" when it's not correct.  Help me spread the word, to correct the misuse of a word.

Whaddaya say?

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