Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Holy smokes

As if VGS wasn't enough of a handful, I have decided to go ahead and start my first actual, all applique' quilt.  It's just a wee bit of a thing, but it's still applique', and not something I know much about.  In fact, aside from sort of appliqueing a two-inch lure/circle on a stocking, using a feather stitch (crazy quilting, don't ya know), I know nothing about applique'.

Oh, wait.
I do know I love looking at it.  LOVE it!  But I don't/can't/have never applique'(d).

So, here I am, diving into the deep end, beginning a thank you gift in exchange for a dining table and chairs.

More later, for now I just need to go pick up that needle before I lose my resolve.  More later - including images.

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deb @ frugal little bungalow said...

I hope you stick with it. I just entered an appliqued table runner in the Blogger's Quilt Festival...hand quilted, too. Now the thing is, it is three big blocks and the first block ...was my third attempt at it. I can't believe I kept trying but I did. If I relied on innate talent for quilting I'd be done. I just rely on persistence, lol.