Monday, September 1, 2014

Go figure

I only managed to make a few measly entries in August, but I thought a lot about it all month - I promise I did. : )  Didn't get nearly as much quilt-making done, either.

Although, I did give myself permission to take the month 'off' and concentrate on a few other needful activities (away from VG).  It was not an easy thing to do, and thank goodness it's now September. [insert tremendous sigh of relief here]

I survived!


What's that?  You want to know if it was worthwhile to abandon something so cool and wonderful, and in need of constant attention and work, in order to get other stuff finished?

HA HA hahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha [gasp] ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaa!

Who said anything about getting other stuff "finished"?

Huh...although (again) I did finish an alteration. : )

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