Saturday, September 27, 2014

Decisions, decisions

I have been taking a break (for much of the past two months) from VGS, and I feel ready to get back to it.  Sort of.

I have accumulated a good selection of the background colors found throughout the far left hand side of the image (from row G through row J), and desperately want to move further down the image than normal just to 'play' with something other than yellows.  Say....two to three rows ahead, and just get that portion out of the way, but I feel that that would prove disastrous once I return to the area at hand.  Because, at some point in time, I would have to get back to what remains of E.

So I remain committed to finishing Row E first.


However, during the time away from VGS I did manage to get other things accomplished, and I have sort of cleansed my mental palette of the nagging thoughts that there are other things I could/should do/finish/begin.  Here is one of those projects.  This weekend I will complete the colorful portion of this top, and when I can afford to get my hands on the necessary 'white' for the border (not to mention the backing and batting), I will stretch then quilt it, too.

Until such time (and funds) presents itself, I have decided I will (sort of) happily dive back into VGS.  It needs me.

And I need it.  Sort of.

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