Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Boo-yah!  Take that!

1,830 down...14,668 to go.  Phwew.  See, it's the little milestones that are giving me the biggest thrills these days, and I will happily take my cheap ol' thrills where I can get them.  In (fairly) short order I will have row 2 (or, more commonly referred to as "Row B") finished, then I will immediately join A & B - just for the thrill of it.

What's more, in less than two complete blocks I will have joined two thousand pieces.  2,000 one-inch pieces!!  That's a lot, but way less than measurable over the entire project.  3,300 pieces would knock off a legitimate 20% - or, 1/5th - of the quilt.  Then I will rejoice like a mad woman.  Let's see, where will that land in the picture?  Well, that would mean I would have to have everything but the last 100-piece square block complete.

So there you go.  When I am through with Row C, I will have finished j-u-s-t over one-fifth of the whole quilt.  That's crazy!

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