Friday, March 21, 2014

Well, OK, then...I suppose

Never certain of why it is people do what they do (and I am not entirely certain those people I am referring to - i.e.; all people in general -  know any better the reasons that compel them in the instance of some actions), but in the specific case of Lee Eiseman, Executive Director with Pantone Color Institute, I am seriously doubting most of her 'color of the year' choices from 2007 forward.

It's not that I dislike purple, nor is it the fru-fru name they gave Color 2014 ("Radiant Orchid"), but seriously? Aren't we a little full of ourselves? They claim it's "a captivating harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones..."
You'll have to visit their website to read the copy the posted over the image (above), as it didn't copy over.

Looking at the image of the lovely orchid, I can see the purples of the petals and the more deeply-colored veins; the fuchsia of the center and the edging of off-white; I can even find a soft pink on a small section of the flower furthest to the rear.  I find it very hard to conceive how Pantone made the jump-to-light-speed decision to choose the color they did, claiming it's a mixture of the flower presented. And I further find it difficult to swallow naming it anything "Orchid".

Look, it's a pretty color, but it's hardly "orchid".

Time to step down, Ms. Eiseman.

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