Thursday, February 6, 2014

Say it ain't so


Have you ever had one of those days?  One of those moments when you simply wanted to smack your own self between the eyes with something heavy?  Have you ever just regretted an absolute waste of time and effort after realizing something you had just finished (and felt a great sense of achievement over) - and spent over 6 hours working on - was all for naught?

SIX hours!  Six hours of daylight and electricity (for overhead lights)!  A waste.  All of it an absolute waste.

Oh my gosh, I am still smarting over my latest spate of idiocy.  I'll never recover the lost time, so I am hoping to get over it soon....but for now it still stings.

Ah, what did I do (you are probably wondering)?  Well, let me show you.

Oh, wait, I can't do that, either. 

My laptop - with the necessary software for editing photos - is not working.  Currently, I am living moment-to-moment on my son's little laptop...which has no photo-editing capabilities.  It has the internet - and that's about it.  I can write out homework assignments and have them ready for printing before I turn them in, but I can't do fun stuff.  I can look for work and upload my resume', I guess that's a lot.  But what I can't do - what I'd like to do  - is...I'd love to show you what I spent hours cutting, matching, compiling, and readying for sewing, only to find I had already constructed it!!!


You'll see what I mean in a few days (if my laptop can be fixed).  I promise.  You'll look at it and wonder: "Why did she do that?"  I know I did.

I still am.


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