Friday, February 1, 2013

Lofty goals

I have set a fairly lofty goal for myself for today. My mission (and yes, I have chosen to accept it) is to get two more blocks completed before end of day.

"Why is that such a lofty goal," you may wonder; and if you're not wondering, well, I'm gonna tell you anyhow.

I am working on a slightly miniaturized version of PQ1.  It will be 36" square versus the original 65", so....yes, 'slightly.' 

That nearly twenty-inch difference will mean a world of difference during the quilting process!

Incidentally, I've managed to streamline my quilt design even further, and have come up with a much smaller version - so 'quilt legal' miniature copies can be made (24" or smaller).  Although, if I had made this current version with 1" cut pieces, it would be a 'quilt legal' miniature version, because the scale would have been correct, and the finished 1/2" blocks would have made an 18" finished quilt top.  (Did you follow all of that?) 

Ah well.

"OK, but you still haven't answered why two blocks is a lofty goal," you insist.

Ah, my bad.  Sorry. 

"Lofty" = 162 pieces.  Yup, each block is 81 pieces of one-and-one-half-inch cut squares.  Meaning the finished quilt top will contain 1,296 1" pieces.   But that's nothing.  PQ1 is 4,225!  Of course, I also intend to lay out another block or two to have ready for assembling the next time a few hours presents itself.  There is an urgent need to get this quilt top copy finished before mid-February, so I am trying to be a good girl and work diligently on this one.

This one's a cinch (comparatively speaking).

What are you up to today?

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