Wednesday, February 13, 2013

By the way

I can't remember if I mentioned that I re-worked the layout of the sewing area, so here is a quick snapshot of the new configuration.
Obviously, this is a composite picture, but I will have a better photo or two (or three) to share with you shortly.  Plus, the bag of trash is no longer there, the purses and other items have been put away, and the paper towel squares (under the wet table feet) have been replaced with felt pads to make moving the table a breeze (and less harmful to the floor). 

Managed to unload the more than 6'x6' storage 'wall' of its material hoard; move the wall to it's new position/location (with help from Karl); then reload it before Downton Abbey aired - all in one  afternoon-into-early-evening (not long ago)!  The purpose for pushing myself on one Sunday afternoon (before my beloved DA) was to be certain I would get it done!  And it worked!!

I know myself well enough to understand I can become easily distracted and fall off task in the wink of an eye - especially in the sewing realm.  There was a need for speed and high momentum....and, since I had dragged my feet long enough in even beginning the whole rearranging bit in the lower level, putting it off was no longer an option I wanted to exercise.

"Move it! Move it! Move it!" the drill instructor in my head kept yelling.

There is space to the rear (far left) of the table (with another smaller storage system holding books and extra material, projects in process, etc.), and since moving the larger table into the expanded sewing space, I have managed to change my mind several times - pushing the table here and there, turning it lengthwise across the floor space - and then back again - to find the best working set-up.  Yes, there is ample room for the ironing board (no matter how I position the table), and I can always access the wall of lovelies whenever I want.

More photos another time, for now I need to get back to looking for work and getting little nagging tasks done.

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