Friday, January 25, 2013

All's well that pulls out easily

Yeah, but I have the distinct impression that this won't be the case.

As I could muster the courage to jump into quilting Black Widow I - even though I wasn't using the thread I initially wanted to use - I have stopped and started work on it several times.  I simply can't get excited with the results each time a section is completed.

I figure walking away for a day or two, then sitting down and looking at it anew will rekindle the joy of it all (or, at least in part), but it's not happening.  So here I am, at a crossroads; teetering heavily towards picking out the many feet already stitched and abandoning altogether the single flat black "metallic" thread I've been using. 

Perhaps, as a finale....a specular highlight (so to speak), I will overstitch with it after everything else is done.  We'll see.  For now, I am thinking of returning to more conventional quilting thread for the bulk of the work.

Yes, removing those already sewn areas will be a pain in the needle, but in the log run I believe I will be happier.  Ultimately.  Hopefully.

Where's my seam ripper?  Time to get started.


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