Friday, August 24, 2012



I know I would never use a kit, but I have to wonder - why would anyone buy one?

I keep seeing offers online when I "window shop" and let myself dream of the yardage I would buy if I only had a job. [oh, jeez, i'd need a bigger house]

And then I see those offers in the ad column on FB where you can enter to win a kit.

Whoopee. [dripping with sarcasm]

[If you're a quilter, you're already artistic and creative, so why would you want a kit?]
Why would you want to make a copycat item?

Maybe - if you really like a design or a pattern - make one of your own. At least use your own colors, or sketch it up yourself...but don't use a kit! For goodness sake, BE ORIGINAL! That's the fun of quilting - and the beauty in it. No two quilts should be the same!

They should be like snowflakes, I tell ya.

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