Thursday, August 30, 2012


UPDATE - As of Wednesday, Sept 5, the questionable (and objectionable) Pinterest onlooker has been removed from the account. Thank you, Pinterest.

Original post:
My apologies to anyone who looks in on my Pinterest board.

Lately, I acquired a new follower (which normally, would be a good thing, but) who possesses questionable ethics - as far as posting photos within the Pinterest realm.

I understood Pinterest thinks of itself as a fairly PG sort of site, and warns people with accounts to mind their P&Qs and to be mindful of the sorts of images they post. But they don't mean it, those Pinterest people.

And I am not a ANY stretch of the imagination. I've nothing against the gay community, and I do not purport to tell anyone how to live their own life - so long as their activities cause none of my loved ones harm in any way, I feel people may live, worship, love, learn, paint, think, vote, marry, etc. as they may choose to.

Except you out child molesters and rapists in general. You should all leave the planet. Shoo!

So, when this new 'follower' popped up, I was non-plussed to be able to see what sorts of things they were in to by the icon snaps viewable along with their name.

Holy crap!

Please know, that I immediately attempted to block this person, and then I contacted Pinterest to find out how to block or remove them, only to find out that it can't be done!!

I reported the graphic and obscene photos individually (as further instructed), only to receive a note of "what-do-you-want-us-to-do-about-it?" from them.

Not helpful.

This is why you are reading an apology from me. I at least care about what it is I do and how I contribute to society on the whole. I do not condemn the person for being homosexual, but I do completely dislike the images available on their own profile/account, and I am sorry if it causes any of you any distress.

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