Friday, August 10, 2012

Been too long

Just wanted to pop in and check up before I get started with Bernina. What has everyone been up to?

For my part it hasn't all been sewing, sad to say. The few days where I have managed timet working at the sewing machine, it hasn't all been on quilting.

I did get mom's quilt (A.K.A. XX XXX) finished to the point where I could present it to her for her birthday (when she arrived at Gram's in July). The bulk of the quilting having been completed, she could see it for what it will I almost didn't feel like a bad person. Her instructions to me were to 'finish working on the commissioned lap robe before getting back to work on [hers]' - so that's what I've been up to since returning from my time at Gram's.

Well, that and starting some robes for a fraternity. But that was a lot of lost time from the quilt project (the robe day and being at Gram's), so I will be concentrating on the lap robe exclusively for the next several days, just to make up time on it.

Yesterday I concentrated on the main border - and that's going to take a bit of time. I have decided to put the requested biblical verse into print as the border, and not using FMQ to create the message.

It certainly looks homemade, but not too bad - even if I do say so myself.

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