Friday, May 25, 2012


Sometimes we make decisions based on nothing....ab-so-lute-ly nothing!

Nothing intelligent, nothing rational, nothing of importance used to base the outcome on. No coins tossed, no rock-paper-scissors, no eenie-meenie-miney.

You get the idea.

I have, on occasion, searched online for material (specific material) for an ongoing project - we all have. And I have, on occasion, even purchased more than I needed to at the time.

[one of those (bad) decisions I discussed earlier]

Well, I was practicing my decision-making skills two weekends ago - practicing the reigning-in of my urges - when I drifted in to one of the online fabric stores I have shopped with in the past - Contemporary Cloth. Of course, I found more than I needed.

It took me over the course of the last two weeks to weed out and decide against so many cute fabrics, until I had my selection down to a measly dozen-and-one-half items.

I had eliminated all sorts of lovely material until I had the selection down to bare necessity Kona solids (and maybe a print or two). Hey! I did really well. Really! Sometimes you have to make the tough decisions.

There was so much more I would loved to have kept in my 'basket', but I knew I hadn't the funds for it all. Truth be told, I truly shouldn't have bought what I did, but it will be used. The reason for the purchase was to fill holes in my stash from the last two projects.

In the grand scheme of things, Contemporary Cloth may not be the biggest online purveyor of material to choose from, but their customer service and material selection are worth the effort. They carry a unique selection of cottons, and a fairly good selection of clothing knits, plus a wide range of decorator materials to boot. They even stock a fun selection of quality Japanese prints!

Whenever I have had to contact them I am always met with a quick (and fantastic) response from Sondra! So what more could you ask for?

Sometimes you just gotta do what you got to do!

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