Sunday, May 6, 2012

Me too, Caron. Me too.

I did get what I wanted - this time. But I would have preferred not to have been forced to purchase more than I wanted of other fabrics the first time I visited, and gotten the wider selection I was after then. So, I agree with you in that they are not the easiest folks to work with - at least, they are not all the same in their work habits, that's for certain.

My out-of-the-way stops are few and far between as I have only just begun to actively look for local quilting shops over the last two years or so. (Unemployment plays havoc with desires and a budget.) I am happy to drift up to just beyond Davison once in a great while to visit Linda's Country Quilt Shop...have you ever been there? She has a tremendous supply of Civil War era reproductions, and a smaller selection of more modern fabrics, too (including some Kaffe Fasset). I've blogged about Linda's place before.

A small but beautifully stocked shop is The Village Quilt Shoppe in Lake Orion. Not too far from home (for me), and a great way to get in a bit of walking (around the entire village) before I treat myself to their remnant selection for my stash. I would classify their shop offerings as more a fun, funky, modern, far-from-traditional selection, with a pretty nice choice of Christmas materials! They do have some 'classic-type' materials - and a few of the modern repros of the 30's and 40's - but not much in the way of the darker, muddier prints offered everywhere. The VQS is always a great quick treat.

I know I need to (and I will) branch out over time, and I have already looked into some places in the Brighton area that I will have to check out. And from online searches I know there are plenty of shops to choose from right here in Michigan! I have even been to the storied Ice House in Grayling, but was not impressed much with the small selection.

Do you have any recommendations for shops to visit?

Ah, well. Must to get back to the XXX quilt - the light is perfect today and I have some time and sewing to make up for before it's back to the text books for another week.

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