Friday, May 4, 2012

A quick correction re: Country Stitches

I helped Jean move Barbie-dorm-stuff out of East Lansing today, and as a boon, she steered the hulking mass of Suburban to the newly discovered quilting store and gave me a few moments to peruse.


With assistance from Barb I very quickly strode from one end of the store to the other, searching for perfect wheat/cream fillers (among other things).

The woman cutting my material asked me that fateful question, "How much do you want of each?" I replied that since I had to buy a half yard as a minimum, then...I guess a half yard of each would do.

"No," she said, "you only need to buy at least a half yard of the sale fabrics, but you can get however much you want of everything else."

Well, huh. I guess that last clerk I had wait on me wanted to keep it simple, because she told me I had to get no less than one half yard, no matter what it was - and my choices weren't all on sale!

So there you go. Be certain as you're checking out that your clerk registers you in their database and then hands you a savings club card. After you have purchased so much, it is worth a great discount. Stop by and get the details - you'll be glad you did!

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Caron Mosey - Michigan Quilts! said...

I love their selection, but for me they are not the easiest people to work with. Glad you got what you wanted.