Friday, May 11, 2012

Ahoy! (more quilt punning)

The brilliant AM celestial light was quite helpful this morning. It perfectly illuminated the current condition of the Ocean Waves quilt, currently underway (I promise, this will be the last nautical pun.....for this entry).

As you can see, I've painted myself into a bit of a mini corner over the past couple of weeks, but I believe I have also managed to extricate myself from the corner this morning. So, now - against my better judgement - I am going to forgo completing the last twenty or so hexagon combos before sewing together the next sections already pinned into (tentative) place. After having looked at (and loving) most of the current layout for the better part of this week, I am satisfied (enough) to commit the layout to permanence.

The color combinations were meant to be rich and off-kilter, dazzling and sparkly when viewed on the whole, but to be subtle in their eclectic-ness. I wanted it to feel like a very well-integrated old world brownstone, in a New York-neighborhood, without a care for social 'norms' - but not so hip that it rocks the boat.
Sorry, that last line was not an intentional nautical slip.

Oh!  Neither was that.


I fully intended to insert brighter and darker combos in punches throughout the top (without making a pattern of it), so when your eye takes in the entire piece, I am hoping the balance of colors - with those playful light and dark highlights sprinkled all around - will frame the birds and please the eye.

I guess the only way to know will be to keep working diligently on days like today, matching and cutting and laying all together....getting as much completed as possible, until the playing and fiddling is over and the quilt top is complete.

Wish me luck, I am diving in! More later.

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