Friday, May 14, 2010

Lists and chores and what-ifs

While I sat applying the last few stitches to the pocket of the Log Cabin, I began to focus on what would be next.  Where to turn my attentions; what project (in the garage, the floor of the lower level, the bathroom caulking and sanding and painting, my new video demo, another quilt....) would be next?

Let's face it, most women are more than capable of multitasking (we have to be) - I definitely had that skill mastered in my last career, but I would much rather concentrate on one thing and get it done quickly and thoroughly, rather than spread myself thin and wish I were doing something else.  Does anyone else have this affliction?

Yesterday, I allowed myself the luxury of straightening out my sewing space, rearranging the props and do-dads, refolding and sorting the color palette.  You know, having fun! 

Of course, you can never simply sort your stash without daydreaming and matching up colors for the next quilt, and that incredibly rainy day allowed for a lot of 'what-iffing'.  So with all of these allowances, here's what I came up with:

I really love the idea of a black, white and red quilt - and would love to make a Burgoyne Surrounded (hmmm...maybe I can mix the two?).  With all of these lovely "shirtings" on hand, I should be able to come up with something...right?

But then, I do want to get a start on a quilt for each of the boys.  My well-intentioned self thought certainly I could make one for each of their birthdays, but I have since reconsidered and will take those projects on long term [audible gasp], in order to have one for each completed and under the Christmas tree this year. 

Karl was less than no help when I queried him on colors he likes - but this was a start.  LOL  He likes clear jewel colors...but nothing busy.  Oh my! 

His is going to take work.

Initially, I wanted to use the cute lizard print - perhaps even employ it as the focal point and build from there.  It would have worked, too, but he poo-poo'd a lot of the other colors I had set out with it.  Usually, I start big and weed things out as I cut, but Karl has really made fast work of that task.  So, back to square one. 

Besides, that cute little print is a scant fat quarter, purchased in a FQ pack, and there is no way to get any more.  Its probably a Kaufman or a Hoffman, or an Alexander Henry, but the person cutting the extra small FQ also cut off the identifying bar and the color circles, and all of my searching has yielded nothing!

However, before I get started on the fun stuff, I must go out and perform some needful chore from the list, first.  Drats!

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