Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I am committed

No, I haven't been committed, that's a whole other topic of conversation I will not go into here. ;^)

I meant, I decided what project was going to be next under the needle. Despite the fact that I pulled another older, deserving quilt top from 'the pile,' let it air out and begin the un-creasing process, I have it in my head to finish the orange and brown color study (Snail's Trail) I began not all that long ago. I need to finish it.

The materials are washed and still hanging as wrinkle-free as they can be, right next to me in the sewing area (mocking me), and it is taking up too much room. It never fails, no matter what else I do, I am always moving the material aside to get at something else. If I just cut the strips needed for the border plans (top and backing), get the back assembled and simply make myself get on to the next step, I could have a quilt done and out of the way! What a concept! I know, right?

It came to me this morning, and I got to work in earnest. It felt good to know that project was getting closer to the finish line. Wish me luck, and stop by again when you can - hopefully there will be something to show off before too long.

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