Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Her usual perch

When I am at the desk in the library - either editing or searching for work - Cleo is usually on my lap and purring.  Demanding more than her share of attention; requiring two hands in full petting motion - so I typically end her sessions after 10 minutes or so just so I can get back to work. 

She hounds me for more loving. 

She sits and begs, and talks and pruts and chirps, until I break down and allow her back up in my lap.  Sometimes, if I sit pushed away even a little from the desk, she will simply jump back up when I am in the throes of typing and not paying attention.

When I am quilting, if she is not already sleeping on the bed (cat nap #1 or #2), she descends the stairs to begin her begging conversation there - perched just above the table holding the machine and quilt - trying to figure out the jump coordinates and landing zone. 

Here she is, nestled on a quilt in progress, in just the wrong spot for me to be able to manuever the quilt under the needle

She hasn't yet reached out to touch the needle out of curiosity, and for that I am extremely grateful.  Usually she watches the action for a short while, then drifts off to that gentle sleep cats are famous for.  She dozes until I have to move her and the quilt so that I can continue on to another area.  She is not a needy cat, simply a companion cat.  She wants the company.  She has to have the companionship and proximity. 

I don't know where people get that whole "cats are aloof" thing...our cats all crave company, and seek it out - and I am glad.  They are a big chunk of our lives and will be sorely missed when each short life span comes due. 

At least there will always be the ghost of cat fur somewhere on a quilt to keep me company.

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