Sunday, January 11, 2015

Went ahead and tried this 'experiment'

When I first began "Peacock", there were so many questions to deal with -
  • on the overall design, 
  • on the schematics of the quarter blocks
  • for the joining seams
- and on and on.  It seemed the only way to answer them was to simply dive in and just figure it out as I went along. And that working premise has served me well for the last couple of weeks; many of the how-tos have melted away.

However, one of the questions requiring constant - carefully considered - mulling was how to conquer the arc of the large circle.  There were several options as I began, and I weighed each in my mind's eye over time, trying to imagine how well I would like them once the piece was complete.  Ultimately, I would have to stitch it out and see if the actual finished look matched my expectation(s), and whether it would mesh with the rest of my work to come.
And here is the outcome (so far...I mean, I may end up changing my mind and going with choice number 2. Well, choice 1b, really, as it was a tie between what is and what may be.  Yes, I have issues!...and I am well aware of most of them. Thanks).

I laid down a daisy chain along the edge of one arc to audition the look before going any further.  I toyed with French knots in a series, too, but realized I would be making a lot more work for myself than I already have planned (especially considering the border design I will be embroidering around the Dresdens).  The rest of the treatment I will keep under my hat for the time being...but this is where I am at currently, and I am living with it for a while to see if my misgivings grow, or if I can manage another stitch solution before I come to a point where I join some quarters to produce the first full panel.

Keep in touch and let me know what you are working on. : )

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