Sunday, January 11, 2015

BIG post script

Nearly forgot -

I scored a lovely half yard of velvet!  REAL velvet ! !

Thanks, Jean, for doing your online voodoo thing.  I had already shopped all of the stores in a 50 mile radius, and called around to a few others, checked online as far as I dared, and poo-poo'd the ebay and amazon offers for $19+ per yard....AND extortionist shipping charges.  I figured I could wait until another shopping adventure in February, when area stores may have restocked it.  Or, maybe I'll get lucky and run across a remnant in the near future.


It was in stock once again within 11 miles of my home!  Now I am in possession of one half yard of Navy blue velvet, and I can really finish laying out those crazy quilt panels.  [happy sigh]

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