Monday, January 26, 2015

Happy, happy, happy

And a little feh.

Now have three full Dresdens ready for stitching - yea! There's only one more quarter panel to make for the full set of four, and then I can stitch in all earnestness.

I've been holding back on the embroidery a bit due to proximity of colors, etc, and in wanting to keep everything balanced overall. The only way to accomplish that was to stitch piecemeal while continuously referencing adjoining segments...but it's became a hassle in so many ways. Not the least of which would prove that every time I'd look over the arrangements of the quarter pieces (for color selection on a new row of stitching), I would become disenchanted with some portion of the entire configuration, tear them asunder, and then rework all of the Dresden pieces thinking I could mix them and match them better.

But I couldn't. Most times I ended up - unintentionally - with the same quarter pieces together. There's your sign.

I was like a crack-addled monkey playing a never-ending game of "what if?"  Very anti-progress.

Well, I'm happy to report that I may be able to actually finish the layout tomorrow, and begin to 'fly' on the embroidery. Truly, the exciting bit of it all means I will be able to put all of the materials away and reclaim a bunch of lost space on the dining table, several chairs, and the use of the entire ironing board again.

The stitching phase will last the next several months (I am estimating), during which time I will decide if I still want to add a very groovy border, or leave it as is with just the four Dresden blocks. Time will tell, so stay tuned.

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