Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Very exciting prospects

Tonight - not too long from now - I will begin to assemble the last block of RowD and then join the final five blocks to the already completed row (blocks 1-6), and with any luck (and if I can keep my eyes open), I will attempt pinning together rows C & D and stitching those into one complete unit, too!

I realize this is not something I should attempt while tired, as perfection in matching the seams is a huge goal - not to mention integral to the look of the quilt - so if I am sleepy I will certainly back off until tomorrow.  Simply finishing the row itself is enough!

Besides, I see that RowD went together in only one month and one day....so there is nothing to really be beating myself up over - especially if I end up only having to wait one more day to see the two larger units side-by-side.

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