Friday, July 11, 2014

Just so you know

I did finish the last of RowD,
and I DID join together C & D,
and then AB to CD....
so I guess you know it's now ABCD, and it looks pretty darn good.

For the last couple of days I have been cleaning up, straightening the palette, finding (and RE-finding) loads of things I knew I had (and needed) but couldn't because they were buried under small mountains all around me.  There is a tremendous need to cut a lot of more 'orangier' pieces now; burnt oranges, 'dirty' and smudgy orange, deep and dark orange, brown-with-strong-hints-of-orange, umber, and so on.  Not so much on the school bus yellow-to-orange side any longer - although, that may return from time to time.  But the bent now is decidedly orange(r) and dark.  Will also need orange stuff with a green cast to it, too.  On the hunt again!

Took the time to press the life out of the entire configuration and lightly starch it to help keep the fraying in check.  Although, I am contemplating the addition of lining the backside with a very lightweight fusible interfacing to completely keep the reverse intact.  I also think this may be the way to thread paint the bulk of the quilt before adding batting and a backing.  Once the thread painting is complete, I would then 'quilt' it in a more laid-back and pictorial way.  I just feel that I don't want the thread painting to show on the reverse.


At any rate, I do know I will be compromising the seam allowances throughout the manhandling process of thread painting, so I am curious and eager to make it happen - but at the same time terrified and trepidatious with thoughts of ruining all of my beautiful piecing by not having a traditional sandwich in place during any quilting process/work.  Does that make sense?

Any thoughts or sage words of advice to a newbie thread painter from those who know?

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