Sunday, March 23, 2014

In truth

I managed to contain myself yesterday, while visiting three material stores. One was a big box, retail sewing store, which also sells crafts (so I think you know where I mean), but the other two stops were 'local quilt shops' that are not local to any stretch of the imagination.

Luckily, Jean had to have her car serviced - and her dealership is in Lansing - so that meant: 'road trip'. She graciously allowed me to join her, and we had the usual gabfest-laugh-a-paloosa in spite of the early morning hour(s).  Following the time at the dealer, we joined one of her lovely daughters (and her beau) at a Lansing eatery known for their soup.  The wait for a table was forty-five minutes longer than we anticipated, so we were less game for poking around in stores after brunch, but we made it work.

Following a quick trip through World Market in East Lansing (the WM in Rochester closed years ago, and everyone here still misses it very much) we mosey'd over to Country Stitches (a favorite LQS, and a MUST if you're in the EL area) for a bit.  So much to look at, and so much fun, but it was overrun with little girls who were there for goodness knows what reason. They never sat in the classroom area long enough to get anything accomplished, and boy, were they an annoying bunch of bodies to shop around. I was there with a specific mission, so I was able to stay fairly well focused in the things I found/purchased.  Yes, I bought a little bit beyond the golds/yellows/ochre/rusts/cinnamons/ golden-oak/green-overcast-yellows/yellow-overcast-greens I was in search of, but was not as badly out of control as I really could have pat me on the back.

In truth, I cashed a savings bond for this little foray, so I feel less guilt than normal, and I stayed under the limit enough so that I could stop in to A Quilter's Garden in Fenton on the way home. I had to check out their batik wall to see if there were any possible blenders I could pull into my palette for VGS.  And there I did!  Again, I didn't go so overboard that I feel guilty, but I did pass my budgetary mark by a small bit - which I stole from the gas tank money.

All told, I bagged 35 new materials for the VGS palette, and I am a very happy camper. I even think I may have located a source for the perfect light grey to rework "Pink Lemonade"! But that will have to wait for a bit ($).

How was your Saturday?

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