Thursday, May 2, 2013

When your cat decides she can help with the layout

If your kitty is demanding attention, JUST GIVE IT TO HER!
This is the result of hours of work undone when my persistant cat decided to get my attention one way or another. 

It took an hour to undo the damage from Hurricane Hobbes.

Many tears, a bit of searching, and the good sense to have taken photographs all along the way.  Sadly, the changes I had made to the completely laid out block had to be fudged (no photos of the changes made), but I think it's about as good as it's gonna get - and I suppose I am satisfied.

Next time, 'Beana,' I will not ignore you for the sake of cutting one more necessary fussy-cut piece! I can't afford to.

I need a drink!

1 comment:

Mary Keasler said...

YIKES! Boy does that sound familiar. You are right to give in to Ms. Cat's demands. Do you have a design wall that she can't reach? My Cat even likes to lunge up on my wall and bring down pieces of fabric. A spray bottle full of water has finally deterred her. At least when I am not around.