Friday, May 10, 2013

Ugh, uh-oh, ummmm

Hello, friends.

Hello, acquaintances.

Hello, family.

I have yet to sign myself into an asylum as I am not quite screaming bonkers (to this point).   Signs to the contrary are - well....they're contrary.

The first one-thousand pieces are together, and (hopefully) Row A will be complete by nightfall. 

Yes, I am still working on the 16K monstrosity.  Computations show I've managed to cut nearly 400 different materials (grammar police, do your thing) to get to this milestone!

=^. .^

There is no sun today so I will be assembling the final square-and-1/3 using overhead lights.  I find that tends to muck with the color values to some degree, so I end up comparing each piece with previous color choices from earlier blocks to keep the quilt even and true to itself.  It's a bother and takes more time, but I need to finish this first row today.  I have to have this progress for myself.

Each row consists of 1,130 pieces; those are sewn into 11.3 blocks (yup, that last 1/3 block is really a strip block of 3x10).  With the completion each row I will have assembled the equivalent of approximately one-quarter of PQ1!  By the time I finish with this 'masterpiece' I will have sewn through the equivalent of more than three-and-three-quarters PQ1s!!  3.9 PQ1s to be more precise.  That quilt is 4,225 pieces, not including the back and binding.

Hhmmm....maybe a whole cloth quilt wouldn't be a bad idea, eh?

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