Sunday, April 7, 2013


Another new mess
Lots of stuff to do...lots of ongoing projects (aka "unfinished"), and a fair amount of projects I would love to dive into. 

Ping! Ping! Ping!  Thoughts zip into my brain at lightening-like speeds and deliciously colorful visuals smack around in my head, bouncing off one another and igniting exciting ideas; my pencil and notebook always at the ready.

I know, I know - "one at a time."  But is there anyone who can hold themselves happily to creating just one thing at a time when your brain is churning out so many lovely fabric dreams and desires??

Very recently I began making a mess with a little something I have been itching to get going on for about a year.  Made up my mind which one of two ways to construct it, then stared at the model for this wonderful 'thing' for an additional two months! The whole while I debated my sanity for even considering it. 

The undertaking of cutting well over 16,000 one-inch squares has only just become daunting, and I haven't even finished laying out the first 100, yet!  However, the prospect of sewing all those 16,000++ squares is now sinking in, and while I am terrified at the thought of devoting so much time to it all, I am confident and eager, too. 

Being crazy has its advantages. ;)

There is a lot of math I could throw at you, but I won't.
OK, I said I wouldn't, but just as an example: I would need to finish three 10x10 blocks a week to have the top completed in fifty-five weeks.  Or, if I worked at it more as an 'all-consuming-and-only' sort-of project, and completed 4-5 of those blocks in a week, I could conceivably complete the quilt top in less than a year. 

Somehow, to my crazy brain, this second thought seems much more palatable and satisfying - never mind the unreasonable and insane aspects!

I mean, who wants to plan on taking more than a year to start and finish a quilt?  Just because we allow this to happen on a fairly regular basis (thereby creating a pile of UFOs as a quilter's gold standard), doesn't mean we should plan on it!  Does it?

Lots of questions.  Lots of what-ifs and maybes.  Lots more piecing ahead, but even more fussy cutting in my immediate future.

More in a while, right now I need to make lots more mess.

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