Tuesday, April 16, 2013

16,198 - take THAT!

Thing is, I need to get some serious cutting done (in fairly quick order) so I can finish off this pesky first row. 

Actually, if I can manage to make myself buckle down and cut about 2,100 1" squares of just the material I have currently pulled from my stash (for this project), I will be able to think about piecing the entire first row AND begin work on the second row, too!

There are ten-point-three (or, 10-and-1/3) columns, and 14 rows of  (plus a little bit of an extra) 10x10 blocks to construct overall, and it's starting to make me sit up and take notice.  Yes, that's 16,498 pieces, all starting out as one inch squares.  You read me right - ONE INCH CUT SQUARES!

And as if to make myself completely doubt my own sanity, I started thinking.  Never a good thing for me to do - at least, not without chocolate and dubious amounts of liquor at the ready. 

The thought I thinked while thinking, you wonder.  ANSWER: The realization that these first two rows will be the equivilent of just over half of PQ1!....but hardly a dent in this particular quilt.

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