Tuesday, March 12, 2013

When is 'enough' too much?

That is to say...er, ask, when can you tell if you've too much material? When is your stash adequate?  How will you know when you've accumulated too much enough and need to stop buying?

Well, the flip, sarcastic quilter in me wants to say, "When fabric manufacturers stop manufacturing - that's when!"
"What? You mean at some point we have to stop buying fabric?"

Yeah, I know that (tired) old adage: "She who dies with the most fabric wins."   Thhhbbbpppppt!  I don't want to die with an awesome accumulation of marvelous quilting goods!  When I go, I want to be leaving scraps in my dust! 

I want to have created a fabulously tall pile of quilts to mark my existence and craftwomanship, and to have littered my history (and the floor of my sewing area) with nothing but string quilt and postage stamp possibilities for anyone who dares snoop among the remains.

Unfortunately, in my current jobless circumstances, 'enough' has to be "enough for now," and that's quite alright, because I do have a substantial amount to work with.  I will be content to create with what's on hand, I just have to stop dreaming and scheming beyond my material means for the time being. 

No more window shopping and what-iffing for a while. [sniff]  I can do it!  I can.

I CAN!! 


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