Friday, March 29, 2013

A little bit o'hand stitching makes it all right

Applied the binding to mom's quilt this morning, so now I just need to spend about four (to five) hours or so turning it to the back and blindstitching it in place!

Oh joy!  I love getting down to the final strokes!

You may notice a slight variation from the wide border material (lovely brown marbled Robert Kaufman "Watercolour") to the binding (also a gorgeous brown crosshatch by Kaufman called "Quilter's Linen"), and that is only because by the time I realized I wanted to bind the quilt in the same material as the final front border, it was too late.  I couldn't find any more available yardage of any kind...anywhere!  Not online, not locally, not using pleading messages via the blog.
As it was, I had to hunt to find the 2.5 yards I located for the border - and even then I was cutting it close...figuratively AND literally!

Anyway, with eight borders of varying widths between the back and front combined, the binding was going to be the very least of my issues.  And, as you can see, it really isn't any sort of an issue at all.

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