Thursday, March 8, 2012

Deep breath. Cleansing breath.

Clearing the cobwebs out of my mind - and even some from the sewing area - I unearthed a few little bits of tid (AKA: "tidbits") that made me smile.

I guess these should be added to the list of quilting projects, eh? Well, they'll have to find their place in the queue, just like everything else!

I can clearly remember the reasoning behind the miniature houses; and even using a small number of all those I made in projects here and there (mostly Christmas in nature, as you can imagine from looking closely at the fabrics used). I remember sketching out the pattern in the size I required, and then drafting the pattern pieces and sewing together the first block in muslin to make certain the dimensions were correct. Just don't remember why I never finished using them all. Hmmm.What a thrill it was to find that everything in the piecing was perfect!

Now, I will need to come up with another project for these remaining precious 4.5" houses (but most likely I will need to make several more blocks in the process).

No, no, no! Pink and brown, pink and brown, pink and brown! You still have an Ohio Star to quilt...remember?!

Oh, and stacked carefully away with the miniature houses was a pile of about 20 scrappy postage stamp blocks - each one comprised of 25 1.5" cut squares and stitched together in alternating rows. It was my attempt to use up every square inch of scrap material instead of tossing it out or saving it in yet another container for further use. We all know how full drawers (and then rooms) can become when trying to sort and save every little thing without reason.

[chuckle, snort] I almost typed that with a straight face. :^p

Here's something different, anyway. A little bit of pastel piecing to put you in the right frame of mind for Easter and spring.


Little House on the Hill said...

I really like the fabrics you have used and admire your perfect triangles

Beth said...

Thanks, Pauline!

Don't know how you could see how sweetly they did turn out through all of those wrinkles, but it was very kind of you to say!

My pride and joy is in my piecing, and I like to think my Great Gran would have been proud, too.

When I have time over the next few days I will stop by your blog and meander around, but for now I must get back to studying. Ugh.