Monday, March 26, 2012

Decisions, decisions

What to do. What to do?

I received a note from organizers of an international quilt competition/festival saying they would like to use my quilt as a finale' piece in one of their exhibitions during the festival, but that it doesn't fit within any of their other categories (which means no judging and no chance for winning a purse) due to size issues or thematic guidelines.

Well, phooey.

"Why are you bummed? That is so cool that they want to use it."

Back to the quandary.

Aside from exceeding their 144" perimeter max for the competitive category titled "Yin and Yang," the quilt is perfect for that exhibit/part of the competition - and could easily stand a chance to win.

Right, except for the pesky size thing.

Hey, it's only 116" larger than their standard. (Yes, I am smiling...and most definitely kidding.)

"Um, excuse me....where's the quandary?"

Oops, sorry.

I am certainly encouraged that they want to show the quilt. [smiling like a happy idiot] They want to highlight it and use it as the "emotional" culmination in a particular venue of the exhibit, but I am not certain about exhibiting it in such a drastically large, public, international arena when I still have future hopes of entering it in an AQS show (yes, in hopes of winning some prize money), and into another 'homegrown' contest where the outcome could possibly mean a little $ residual happiness.

Again - Hey! I am still out of work and in need of bill-paying capital after all, and if quilting satisfies that need then why not? Exploit your strengths, right?

I love the situation (the idea that the quilt is desired for something important and cool like this) but I am not liking the decision I have to make. I know, though, it's a great problem to have.

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