Friday, December 23, 2011

Quilting with Tourettes

I think you folks who like to FMQ, and have a regulation-sized machine - the average-sewing home owner's-type machine - will understand what I meant by "quilting with Tourettes."

Trying to manipulate your target area under the needle (to stitch your intricate design) while also navigating the bulk of the material (to the right of your working area) through the small space between the sewing bed and the motor of the machine will often sound like an orchestrated series of: thrumming machine, the steady kehrthwip-kehrthrip-kehrthrip of the needle rising and plunging through the material, and the intermittent expletives of madness when the bulk gets hung up on something making your stitches cramp up or jump in size when you least want it to.


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