Thursday, December 22, 2011

Terrorfication (cont.)

I was looking SO forward to topstitching - to the quilting process - had it all thought out (or so I thought).

I had my templates cut and at the ready, and even had a game plan for which portions to tackle first, second, third and so on.

So WHY did it take me until 6:31PM tonight to put that first stitch plant the needle for the first time and begin the quilting process?

I don't know either! I really don't, but once I started moving, and I took a deep breath and jumped in, it went fairly well.

It's that darned terrorfication I tell ya.

So now, I am taking a break to get some dishes washed (holy cow, do they stack up quickly when you aren't paying attention). I knew we were in a heap o' hurt when there weren't any more clean teaspoons for a yogurt or cup of tea yesterday.


Tomorrow is a whole new day and I am excited at the prospect of making a huge dent in the overall project, finishing up the portion I began tonight and moving on to more of the design.

Anyhow, the terror I was feeling a few hours back has abated, and while I would like to continue to quilt further into the night, I do realize the importance of knowing when to say "when."

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