Monday, November 21, 2011

Time flies

It's just after three o'clock in the afternoon and I have finished laying out Row 5.

The sunlight is on my side, streaming through the large picture window which faces west, and it is illuminating the entire area. It enhances the colors of the quilt, and the pieces piled on 'the palette'.

I'm left with 2.5 blocks to assemble before I can move on to rows 6 and 6.5...but I am SO close, it is thrilling!

Sewing began this morning as soon as daylight crept over the kitchen windowsill and erased many of the shadows of the night. Turning an OTT light on over my shoulder makes it easier to pin the corners to perfection, but I like to use the least amount of manufactured light that I can, so I turned the light off around nine A.M.

Time to take a break and stand back to stare at it before beginning the sewing process. Sometimes I can see little areas in the layout where a tweak here or there can make a difference, but right now - I am very satisfied with how it looks.

Geez! Is it really three-twenty-four already? I've got to get moving. More another time.

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