Sunday, November 27, 2011

Not much of an update

I spent a good portion of yesterday morning doing other things before getting down to the business at hand. Layed out two and one half squares the evening before, and finished up (or, tried to) the layout of that third square until I realized I am minus some decent indigo! My transition from blue-to-purple is stymied.

Oh, and I did not get to the store for the binding material during the after Thanksgiving sale because, as I reasoned, the crowds would be too plentiful, the selection would be less so, and I am not at the point where I need it 'right now' - so why rush? Why stand in the mayhem? Why do that to myself when I could happily use the daylight to do what really needed doing................which it turned out I needed to go to the store to find something anyway in order to get it done!

Grrrrr [mumble mumble] Bah, shoot, darn-it-all!!!

Yes, I still believe I will have the top completed by the ninth. Let's see if my prediction can hold water.

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