Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hate to admit it

I have a little guilt to confess to.

In an attempt to find a few pieces of that transitional blue-into-purple I need so very badly, I have traveled to no fewer than four area stores - and to one in East Lansing - with very little success. Had a chance to hit upon two others in Flint, but I didn't allow myself enough time to peruse. Oh.....so close.I have been able to get my hands on a little bit of a selection, and that I will have to make do with.

Although, I did manage to snag four of the six pieces I need for the binding (so not a complete wash on the search overall)! The final two pieces will materialize when the time is right so I won't sweat over that just yet - since I still have time before the binding is necessary. See me in another month, though, and we'll compare notes and stories.

Mucho thanks to Jean and Barb for playing along with my obsession....and for aiding and abetting this criminal(ly insane) behavior.

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