Sunday, September 11, 2011


Yes, I believe I underestimated the scope of this odd quilt.

I knew it would require a great deal of material resources to make the quilt work, but I hadn't really chewed and tasted the bitter pill of reality until a few days ago. Thought I had enough to work with, but found out very quickly that there is an undeniable requirement for each color value that hadn't quite been met.The purples aren't quite this blue, & the reds aren't as pink as they appear.

If I could have worked from my stash alone I probably could have managed it, but with the restrictions at play for the contest I have had to fill in with spats of new material here and there.

Holy cow!

To my delight, I am speeding through two sections (mostly layout, with one large completed square sewn) and am prepared to move on to a third area - transitions and all!! While laying out the blocks I have begun to think about the quilting pattern(s) I would like to use once I get to that point. It's nice to be able to envision that far ahead at this stage of the game.

How are your projects going?

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