Saturday, September 3, 2011

Can you see it?

The migration of color.

Can you see it? It's there, but because the colors are so 'electric' to the lens of my tiny Pentax, I think it 'blows the color reality meter' of my little digital friend. :^)There are 42 such sections to construct, and I am trusting that the handicap of very little room in which to maneuver and work in will not prove detrimental to the entire project. This is totally forcing me to work in an entirely different mode from how I am accustomed to building a quilt (and it is driving me nuts).

My fear is in looking at the larger assembled patches later, and seeing where I should have mixed the cut pieces differently to achieve the effect I am ultimately after.

More another time, for now I need to get back to it. This is 100 squares needing to be stitched together, and with 4,125 to go, I mustn't procrastinate any longer.

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