Monday, September 5, 2011

That only took three hours

A little over two, actually, to stitch and press the seams just for one ten inch -by-ten inch block. Three hours if you take into account laying out the color squares in the desired configuration prior to assembling - and I am - and ripping out two small areas of seaming to re-sew where my corners weren't 100% .

Let's just figure three hours per ten-by-ten block, and I have roughly forty-one more to make. I can reasonably make two per day...but let's just count on one to make this little game seem realistic.


Yikes! I am going to have to push it and seam these bad boys like crazy, just to keep ahead of the game. There may possibly be a day or two, here and there, where I may not get any sewing done at all - and that's the reality of it. So (realistically), I hope to have the squares compiled by the end of September, and be knee deep into assembling them in to rows by early October.

If I keep myself on task I should be able to attack the quilting process by mid-October.

Ambitious? Yes. Foolhardy....oh, yeah.

Of course, there are still all of these little squares to cut yet [smacking forehead].

Not to mention, on days like today (where the clouds are thick and daylight is minimal), I am going to have to have a bunch of prefabbed blocks all ready to assemble, because laying out a very specific color schematic is difficult to do (if not downright impossible) in bad lighting. That's the only way I'll be able to keep making hay after the sun stops shining - is to keep several 'prefabbed' blocks layed out and ready to assemble.

Well, I hope we have some sun tomorrow, because today was a natural light disaster, and I am already falling behind!

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