Monday, October 11, 2010

I'm thinking "courthouse steps" an internal border, but I am still trying to determine the size; and that has been the worst part of starting this particular quilt, too.

Well, ok...that and locating more material. Read on, you'll get it.

The traditional pieced block I am aiming to work into the quilt is a conundrum (again, the size, not which block); trying to formulate the scale of the border has been a pain (because it will have a lot to do with everything else that follows). Do I make it a double wide or single CHS on point?

Too small and the *base material print* will be useless when cut and pieced in. Too large, and the entire scale of the applique portion will be ridiculously huge - not to mention, I won't have enough of the base material to complete even a third of the courthouse steps blocks.

Yes, *it's* another doggone fat quarter, and I can't locate any more! ARGH! I didn't really want to make anything smaller than a twin-sized quilt - in other words, no 'wall hangings' - but it looks as though I am going to have to settle for that option whether I want to or not.

Additionally, since the rules state you have to have JAF receipts for everything used in your contest submission, I can't look elsewhere for the glorious fabric (though, I did look, and I found some...that I cannot use!).

Argh, ARGH!!


Ah well, the challenge is still on, and I have "suited up." Brought my stash of material to pre-wash and begin cutting, but I did not bring my sewing machine. I figured the washing, pressing and cutting would be more than enough activity to fill my time while away from home. Once the week of gram-sitting and Karl's classes is over, I will have more than enough time to hunker down and dig in.

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