Thursday, October 28, 2010

Courthouse Steps is/are out

There is a reason instructions for constucting Courthouse Steps blocks are written the way they are, and all those quilters that conquered this territory before me either learned that lesson the hard way, OR simply followed those instructions and were pleased with their results.

I would be a member of the first category.

Not square...not happy.

I am, in fact, so frustrated with the notion of having to cut an extreme amount of extra strips to make the CHS border happen, that I am rethinking the entire border.

I will still be using the strips I have cut - waste not, want not - but in a completely different way. Most likely I will still have to cut more strips, but at least I will have a faster way of incorporating them into the border....into an insanity-free border, where I will still be smiling at the end of it all.

Lesson #174 - If the block you wish to construct comes with a construction method that seems way wasteful in it's simplicity, there is a reason you should avoid using it unless you have the time and money to see it through to the end.

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