Thursday, August 11, 2016


It just dawned on me that Row H was completed several days ago and I didn't post a photo out here, where I normally boast and crow and enjoy my accomplishments.  However, since there seems to be no interest from anyone outside my four walls, I won't bore the unknown 'webisphere' with a waste of pixels. 

Suffice to say where there was once a single four row unit (ABCD) there is now a second conglomerate unit (EFGH) - and the two together look fabulous!  The sum total of these two sections equals 9,040 inches!  To put it into more concrete (or, more abtract?) terms:

I have developed calluses on the first knuckles of my index and middle fingers on my left hand!  Go figure. 

And mathematically speaking, there is now about a year's worth of time invested in woman-hours.  To be precise - one year and twenty days; roughly 7,953 hours in just piecing and assembling the individual blocks (and blocks into rows...and rows into large units).  None of this takes into account the 'cleaning' up of the work area and/or mass cutting of pieces, or the searching through my stash - or expeditions through other folk's piles of scraps - to locate necessary colors. 

Now, think about this. There are another six-and-one-partial rows to go before the top is complete and I can begin thread painting.  Then, the joining of the three-plus multi-row sections; the creation of the 'sandwich' and the final quilting; the binding and finally... the sleeve - these all need doing before I can breathe a sigh of complete contentment.  BUT, I am ever so much closer than I was before, so this is me crowing.

Oh, and if you want to see what the excitement is all about, all you need to do is ask.

Now, if you will excuse me, this sticky day is dawning and my beautiful work light is arriving, so I need to stand up and walk away from the keyboard.

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