Sunday, April 3, 2016

Update... of sorts

So, I ill-advisedly enjoyed the 'improvement' (as I saw it) to my leg (lower calf) and foot (ankle on down).  What I saw as 'better' I managed to muck up by standing and walking about the house; dishes, making a meal, laundry and up and down the stairs.  It's also oozing, a little...sort of.

[smack, smack, smack my forehead]

More ice and lots of elevation is now necessary - which means no undue strain on, or use of, the foot.  This is ridiculous!  It didn't take but three or four hours to undo all the good that had been done from yesterday!

On the plus side: Hobbes thinks it's lovely I have provided an extra cushion for her to sit on.  She is only somewhat annoyed at my insistence on 'sharing' with a human leg, and the presence of a cold, lumpy towel.

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