Sunday, April 3, 2016

Cat-bite foot - 8/VG H6 - 0

Day 8, and nothing accomplished towards piecing H6.  No long term standing is advised.

Yesterday, the swelling in my foot and lower calf was horrid, but the color was (sort of) better.  Maybe not "better" so much as it was different (color-wise), but it didn't seem worse... to me, that is.

This morning the ankle bones can be felt, even if they can't be seen; and the leg is less swollen going into the foot - and it feels 'pliable'.  I don't know how else to describe it, but it isn't angrily hard and packed like an overstuffed sausage casing.  It feels more like my leg, the way I am used to it having felt for the past 50-something years.  The whole of my foot feels bruised along the top (at the toes) and along the outside from mid-foot to around the back of the ankle.  But (to me) it is markedly better.

I iced the crap out of it yesterday, keeping it raised 75-80% of the day, like a primadonna.  I hate this.  On the plus side: there was some stitching accomplished on the Peacock crazy quilt project.  If you want to see the activity on something, why not peek at the images there?

Hope to have something to brag about/show you for VG later in the week, though.  Until then, tell me what's under your needle?

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