Thursday, November 5, 2015


Over twenty-nine years ago my life changed forever.  The first of my babies was born, and we became a unit of two.  Mother and child.  A beautiful piece of creation.

It happened for me just one more time when I gave birth to his younger brother.  Ah, true love.

It's taken twenty-nine years for the separation process to finally become a thing.  I didn't have to kick him out of the nest, but truthfully, there were times when it felt as though a stick of dynamite may have been in order.

Last night I went to bed relieved, and strangely not the least bit weepy or melancholy.  I turned the locks on the front door and shut off the living room lights with the full knowledge that there would be no 3AM entrance and interruption to my sleep.  Not a shred of motherly angst was given to thoughts of the lateness of his arrival or safety on the roads.

It wasn't until just a couple of hours ago I had comprehension.  The reality of a lifetime of work has come to fruition.

When Hobbes began her deaf-kitty chatter early on this morning, I didn't beg her to quiet down.  There was no useless shushing or urgency to stifle her loud pleas for breakfast.  There was no Brian to worry we'd awaken after too-little sleep.   There was no Brian.

Karl....heh.  He can sleep through pretty much anything.

Today will be a series of phone calls for necessary things; a trip to the bank, a stop at the recycling dropbox, and a trip to the market.  Cleaning and laundry are a portion of the agenda, and a visit from the liberated boy.  Most likely there will be many visits from Brian - he will be slowly gathering and removing items for some time to come (since I couldn't get him to do any of the sorting, packing, or tossing business before yesterday's grand exodus).  Plus, some of that laundry I mentioned is his.

All of those mundane activities will be interrupted by fits of quilting activities, because that's the way I roll.  I wasn't able to 'play' at all yesterday, too much life-altering stuff to do.  But today is a completely different story.

What was your yesterday like, and what's on your agenda today?

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