Monday, November 9, 2015

At the very least

I have a part time job at a local market.  A job which happily began with me in the role of the outdoor floral person.  That position was to last until mid-August, but because of idiotic reasoning (read: poor management decisions), it ended way too early, and I was transferred indoors to a register/clerk position.

Let's just skip past a lot and I will tell you I was transferred to Produce and Floral, where I had a fair amount of hours.  Not enough, but at least it was work.

Well, let's skip a little further ahead.
This week is a full forty hours - because the dept mgr in floral is on vacation, so I am splitting the hours with another floral clerk.  The thought of absolutely no quilting or VGS - or anything creative - is twisting my brain in knots.  And not those sweet little French knots, or Picots, or Bullion knots, either. least I am allowed to work with the lovely flowers, from which I derive an immense amount of happiness and creative inspiration for my silk work.

Have a good day, everyone.  And for Heaven's sake, tell me what you're working on, please.

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