Friday, October 30, 2015

A quick "thank you"

Dear Judy Martin,

Your inclusion of Peace Quilt 1 onto your Pinterest account page called "Postage Stamp Quilts (Exceptional Ones" totally made my year.  I am honored you liked it enough to add it to those other lovely quilts you admire.  The description you gave the collection was equally groovy:

"I love a Postage Stamp Quilt! Traditionally, these were made with patches the size of a postage stamp, and that's the way I like them! I especially love a Postage Stamp quilt with hundreds or thousands of different fabrics and some pattern besides the scrap squares. I'm making one now."

I am doubly honored that you also liked my Reading Rainbow quilt, and added that one to another of your Pinterest pages.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for that Titanic-sized boost of confidence.  Good luck with your own postage stamp quilt endeavor - I am looking forward to seeing it in all of its glory in the future.

Again, MANY thanks for the tremendous compliment of my work.

Best regards,

Beth Waldon

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